SSD: This is a program for workers and people who have paid into the system. The amount of benefits paid depend on how much and for how long the workers have paid into Social Security. The benefits are not affected by other assets or income, such as from investments, but may be affected by Workers Compensation benefits.

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SSI disability (Supplemental Security Income) is a program for people who are disabled, but have worked very little or who have never worked or stopped working a fair amount of time in the past. The medical proof of disability for the SSI program is the same as for the Social Security Disability (SSD or SSDI) program, but the amount of benefit is limited and unrelated to the amount of work done in the past.

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DAC or Disabled Adult Child is a program for adults disabled before age 22. A disabled adult, 18 or older, unmarried, with a disability that began before the age of 22, may be eligible for benefits on the earnings record of a parent who is deceased or receiving Social Security retirement or Social Security disability benefits.

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