You are too ill to work. You are dealing with an illness or injuries and are worried about your future. You worked hard and paid into the Social Security Disability system. Now someone who does not know you and whom you have never met, is telling you that you are not disabled and you are able to work. The system is hoping you will give up. You need someone who knows the system. Our offices have been handling and winning Social Security disability cases for SSD and SSI for 35 years. We know the system. We can put the system to work for you.

SSD? SSDI? SSI? Not sure of the best disability benefits for which you qualify? Not sure if you would qualify? Applied and been denied Social Security Disability? Not sure how to appeal or the best way to handle your appeal? The answers are only a call to a lawyer away, or Contact Us regarding your disability claim.

Worried that you cannot afford a lawyer for your disability case or appeal? There is no charge for a lawyer unless you are awarded Social Security disability benefits. Lawyers fees for Social Security Disability claims and appeals, as well as for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), are regulated by the Social Security Administration. Consultations are free.


This is a program for workers and people who have paid into the system. The amount of benefits paid depend on how much and for how long the workers have paid into Social Security. The benefits are not affected by other assets or income, such as from investments, but may be affected by Workers Compensation benefits.

To be considered disabled, a person cannot be doing substantial work or have substantial earnings from work and must have a condition or combination of conditions that either have lasted or are expected to last for twelve months or more, that prevent the person from being able to engage in substantial work.


SSI disability (Supplemental Security Income) is a program for people who are disabled, but have worked very little or who have never worked or stopped working a fair amount of time in the past. The medical proof of disability for the SSI program is the same as for the Social Security Disability (SSD or SSDI) program, but the amount of benefit is limited and unrelated to the amount of work done in the past.

The Social Security Administration must assist you in applying for whatever benefit you may qualify and for the best benefit for which you may qualify.


DAC or Disabled Adult Child is a program for adults disabled before age 22. A disabled adult, 18 or older, unmarried, with a disability that began before the age of 22, may be eligible for benefits on the earnings record of a parent who is deceased or receiving Social Security retirement or Social Security disability benefits.


Melissa A. Buckley is the actively practicing lawyer in the firm and is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Connecticut law school.
John J. Buckley, now of counsel, is also a graduate of Yale University and the University of Connecticut law school.

Our office handles claims and appeals for all types of Social Security or Supplemental Security benefits for which you are applying or may qualify-- SSD, SSI, Disabled Adult Child.

The attorney offices are located conveniently across from the New Haven courthouse and a short distance from the Social Security Hearings office and District office in New Haven, Connecticut. The office is handicap accessible.